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Poster: Spuzz Date: Feb 6, 2005 7:22am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Mixture for sure..

I've just watched this.. Was quite amazed at the dead man narration as well!

But what I was most struck by (pardon the pun) was how this film combined many films we know and love into one!

Highway gore footage? Check.

Silly Sid Davis auto tips? Check

Plastic toy car replica accidents? (see "Live And Let Live" for the ultimate in that model) Check..

Great bizarre little film. I knida thought the driver shoulda gotten a lighter sentence..

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Poster: Scott Bot Date: Feb 6, 2005 9:54pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: Mixture for sure..

I agree. Richard Wayman and the gang at Highway Safety Films must have been watching this film.

At one point, the narrator says that most pedestrian accidents are the pedestrian's fault. If that's the case, how come the driver has to pay the victim's family 50 grand?

I loved the tabletop scenes with the cars mowing down the little toy people. We used to play with our toy cars like this.

You can just see the director at the beginning of the film saying, "OK, just miss the pedestrian. Now stop the car. You, pedestrian, roll unconvincingly in front of a parked car like you were hit..."

Also recommended for the old car buff. Lots of prewar and early postwar cars to drool over.

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Poster: ridetheory Date: Feb 8, 2005 7:49am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: Mixture for sure..

I liked the pleasant, light classical score. Offenbach for a lot of it.

I also really liked the dead narrator's chipper sendoff -- "Well, I'll be seeing you!" Aieee! Just like The Prisoner!